Hair: -Entente- Vieux Hat & Hair – Brown by Guarinot 

T-Shirt: [DAISO] BLACK Star sign T-Shirt by worusaai  (The Chapter Four) 
Pants: .:villena:. – tucked up jeans military1 by Villena Swansen (The Mens Dept) 

Shoes: ::Duh!:: White Canvas Slip-Ons by Renee Harvy
Moustache: Bastard – Dali Stache Vendor by Maxwell Graf (The Mens Dept)
Gameboy: BALACLAVA!! Gamer’s Delight Necklace YELLOW by Uriah Eulenberg (The Mens Dept)
Bracelet: Kari – Audio wire bracelet – Redux by Menno Ophelia
Glasses: Soothe. Glasses-Palette(black*white) by Menieelee Gelles (The Chapter Four)

Prop: .:Standby Inc. – Retro Vinyl Set by Sho Kenin (The Mens Dept)

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