#31 No Parents Around

No Parents Around

Jacket: DOZZE – 86 Boss Hoodie w/HUD *MESH* by Zevock Trenkins
Pants: / XIAJ / Basic Shorts (Beige) by superjaix

Boots: ::7Style:: Desert boots (unisex) by Jc Oskar

Hair: Uw.st Boz-Hair Natural brown (The Mens Dept) by Din Raymaker

Pizza – mmm – display and offer by EatAndDrink

LISP 600 – Pirate Jack Sofa Set in a box by Pandora Popstar

!! Follow US !! Vintage fridge white Box by Laurent83 Waco

!! Follow US !! Living room / Salon It’s your night by Laurent83 Waco

Coke on Ice: 3 Cans and 3 Sorts by EatAndDrink

Bloody Mess – Beer Bottle Hippo Ale by Chrome Carter

STACK OF COMICS by Eurdicia Bellic

Bloody Mess – Book Prop iRobot by Chrome Carter

[Stank] Game Night – NES, Controllers, and TV by Flurry Parx

Dharma Initiative Food Set by Tampon Tenk

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