As you know, some days ago Typhoon Haiyan which is the strongest storm happened in the Philippines, caused a big damage and killed around 10.000 people. There’s no food, lack of water, electricity and so on. We, the world can help them through many ways and also through Second Life. An event called Water Lantern Festival organized by an awesome team provide a booth that each items you buy blablabla (please my English is poor I cant explain it well, but I bet you will understand LOL no lol I’m serious) will be donated to Redcross to help  Haiyan victims. Or you can go to this link to donate through Redcross site.

2nd, kustom9 3rd round has started and you can also donate for Haiyan victims through a little booth at landing point there..here we go..

Beanie: *ARGRACE* Ribbed beanie/William – Light Brown by rika Oyen

Coat: / XIAJ / Dahriel Winter Coat (kustom9) by superjaix

Necklace: KOSH- STUDENI NECKLACE [walnut] (The Mens Dept) by Lynaja Bade
Bag: MiWardrobe – My Suitcase-Bag – 3*3 – MW (RIGHT HAND) (kustom9) by Neftisis Rhiadra (kustom9)
Watch: 2:00 PM. Think about you – 2PM RARE (kustom9) by peachbaekdo
Kokeshi: .Tokame. Kokeshi Necklace – Tenshi RARE (The Water Lantern Festival) by Kamelia Snowfield,
.Tokame. Kokeshi Necklace – Tomoto (The Water Lantern Festival) by Kamelia Snowfield


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