#66 They Told Me So

Pierre - blahSnapshot_007 Pierre - blah2

Hair: [taketomi]_Godou_Platinum01 by Bella Earst
Cardigan: / XIAJ / Maxx Cardigan (Houndstooth) by superjaix (The Mens Dept)
Jeans: not so bad . JORIS jeans . dirty by Reda Berolucci

Shoes: Lucien.Marcelo // lucien.Marcelo // BLACK’n GOLD PLATED FARAONE by LucienMarcelo
Bag: / XIAJ / Mirjam Satchel (hand) + hounddoom RARE by superjaix (SOON The Seasons Story)

Pose: ZZANG – Ultimate by HushHushHush

Car: ..::P&W::..  Murat 124 V8 by Beyaz Boxen
Building: ..:: P&W Spedcial Club Home F5 ::.. by Beyaz Boxen

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