#69 Gongxi


Firstly I want to apologize for rarely blogging (cliche but true reason is due to fu**in RL stuff i couldnt help). The event Chinese New Year festival has already started from Jan 31st until Feb 21st to celebrate wood horse year and so many cool stores participate in this event!  let’s go! THERE

Hairbase: Unorthodox Fade Line Up by Tonio Harmison

Clothes: *CASHMERE&KEANE*Relic Outfits/oriental edition by Gianni Broda (Chinese New Year Festival)
Pipe: [CX] Opium Dragon Pipe M/Sit (Gold & Smoke) by Kamayari (Chinese New Year Festival)
oyasumi / CNY lamps&cabinets by Kenzo Gateaux (Chinese New Year Festival)
Kuro – Hanging fans by Luana Dawg (Chinese New Year Festival)
Kuro – Have a cup of tea by Luana Dawg (Chinese New Year Festival)
[DDD] Zen Bamboo – Short Rectangle by Kalia Firelyte (Chinese New Year Festival)
/ XIAJ / Fu Wall Decoration by superjaix (Chinese New Year Festival)
{Buckbeak} blanket crate.Type1 by qo0op (Chinese New Year Festival)
Lark – CNY Calligraphy Set by Sienia Trevellion

2 thoughts on “#69 Gongxi

  1. I actually bought this too, it’s wonderful! My own personal drawbacks was being a man’s it would have worked better for me is there was an xs or even a s in the folder but it also would have been great if the top and bottom were separate pieces. ;( I really liked it and wanted to blog it. Looks great on you! 😀

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