#79 Tease Tease

shi shishi

Oh wow, I’ve been SL blogging for a year already. I had returned and been active again in SL I think since December 2012.  And so many things and “achievements” I got in this short time. I feel so cool. And, I just want to tease you all, ARCADE IS OVER. And this eyepatch hopefully wont go anywhere from the grid because it’s too awesome. And this jacket? so cool, and mainstream (in the good way).

Hair: booN TUN247 hair brown by boo Nakamura
Hairbase: booN gathered raised hairbase mat by boo Nakamura

Jacket: *COCO*Homme_BomberJacket(Hands in Pockets)_Black by cocoro Lemon

Eyepatch: .Shi : Patch Mechanics 1.Black [UNISEX] RARE by Joy Laperriere (Bye bye bye Arcade)

I gotta throw away my pride to share this Doom Dada, because I’ve been wearing a walktunewhatever with this song.  :”(

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