#85 Why So Serious

why so serious

OK actually this post is just for fun. My avatar currently loves to mess around in this outfit with a shotgun on right hand that cannot fire anything. Welp I wanted to be modernized vampire and I guess I failed. Because I’m not in any bloodlines with that fang fang. And thank you for Animare that introduced by Jaix the Poop so I dont have to reupload poses I created because of just a little glitch of blabhalskfnalsfas whatever. I wanted to buy that Anypose but too expensive. I could die. This outfit is kinda inspired by Citta actually. I’m the male version of her I could say. And, I’M BACK TO KOOQLA. I looked like a member of korean gay boyband on Skin Shop.

Hair: booN TUN247 hair platinum by boo Nakamura
Hairbase: booN gathered raised hairbase platinum by boo Nakamura

Outfit: ::: B@R ::: Gloxxel by June Dion

Gloves: FATEwear Gloves – Dexter – Tundra (v2) by Damien Fate


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