Tea Time

Woohoo! In few hours, The Seasons Story will OPEN! SO MANY SPRINGY STUFF AND BRIGHT AND CUTE STUFF! Especially for ladies, you gotta be happy (you’ll know why). These cakes that iBi made gave me an itch I could explode. Mane, if I could borrow iBi’s brain even just for a day…uh. The pie from poche too made me salivating oh shit. Don’t mind my gibberish talk I’m just being hungry OK!?

Hair: ISPACHI ::. Male Hair [FORESIGHT] ~ Browns by Diarmuid Miklos

Outfit: D R O P . Long Bloson  Unisex (Brown) by sayaca Unplugged (The Seasons Story)

Hat: =Zenith=Rattan ribbon Hat (snow) by Miffyhoi Rosca (The Seasons Story)
Pocket Watch: part of irrisistible shop: ALICE KILLER WHITE RABBIT MEN by Isis SecretSpy

CocoRoni – Dino snapback : Red RARE by NoSanTa (soon kustom9 April 15th)
8f8 – 88 Sweet Life Bakery Collection Gacha by 8f8 (The Seasons Story)
:CP: Rainey Bistro by Wavie Haller (The Seasons Story)
Strawberry tart sweet spring. poche by miyu Adder (The Seasons Story)


Can’t you just deny  good music huh

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