#95 Invader

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Hair: Action Mesh Hair James Veganic V2 by MarilynMonroe Munro

Shirts: [Deadwool] Marlon T-shirt – white chalk by Masa Plympton
Trousers: ISON MAN – stretch trousers (light gray) by Harry Hyx (The Mens Dept)

Gloves: VRSION KONVERT – GLOVE (MALE) by Badon Rain
Goggles: *DL* Kimiko – Aviator Steampunk Goggles by Tera Gearz
Boots: [Gos] GTFO Boots in Black [M]-[bagged] by Gospel Voom

1. DM – Just got up male by Del May
2. ::Axix:: LordCrow. by Elise Mannequin (Posefair 2014)

*Tentacio* Mowie pets by May Tolsen  (kustom9)

on Citta Wiskee
Hair: [taketomi]_Kana_Fatpack by Bella Earst (kustom9)

Outfit: *LpD* – *Princess* Dress B.&.W. by Nevery Lorakeet

Boots: VRSION KONVERT – Female LONGBOOTS by Badon Rain

Pose: -no wow- [Ocean Sky] *Ocean Sky* by Lisbeth Gummibaum




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