#123 Pets Delivery




BAD NEWS. Kari is close down. end of story.

 Hair: [INK] Hair___HOMIE ::Brown by nontroppo Torii (The Mens Dept) [edited]

Tee: (epia) – ‘Vacation Checklist’ Tee (S/M/L) by Jarmade Spires/Verone Potez (The Arcade) 
Pants: [JuSt CoOl] Straight Jeans – Black by Justcoolbot (The Mens Dept)

Snapback: FLite.-Lux Strapbacks Black by LiamCole (The Mens Dept)
Necklace and Bracelets are not available

Cat: ::GB::Neck sleep cat / B_White Wire by Takuya Jinn (The Arcade) 
Flip-Flops: erratic / summer – flip-flops / cow by Erratic Rain (The Arcade) 

Dog: Alchemy – Doge – French bulldog – Spot by Tyr Rozenblum (The Chapter Four) 


(epia) – ‘All Directions’ Roadsign by Verone Potez (The Arcade) 
(epia) – Traveler’s Bicycle RARE by Verone Potez (The Arcade) 
Schadenfreude This Little Piggie Wiggie Went to Market RARE by Allegory Malaprop (The Arcade) 


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