#124 Strange Composition

strange composition Snapshot_003


Well actually, when i was about to take a shot, Roy suddenly came and walked around, and tried the couch animation, I was speechless and well, here you go.. he will make the blogpost of his outfit sooner or later idk when so just standby there.

Jaix just made this Haru jacket that will be available on kustom9 next June 15th. It’s material ready!

Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~Toshihiko Hair – Fall by M4ri1yn Magic (The Mens Dept)

Jacket: / XIAJ / Haru Varsity Jackets by superjaix (soon kustom9)

Shoes: Adjunct – Afterlife – Men’s Hi-Top Sneaker – Black/White by myvegancookbook Bolissima (The Mens Dept)
Shades: -FAUN- Hex Shades -Black- by ExplicitFame (soon kustom9)

Surrounding: Soy. flea market collection by Soyoy (soon kustom9)

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