#130 Nice Day

Nice Day

hi! If you notice, dear followers, I’m so slow posting stuff currently because my RL is a chaos. I hope you don’t leave me guys! (my friend was watching me when I was doing this picture and she said, “why don’t you add armpit hair?”..oh, shit)
As you guys know, Creation.jp has started since June 21st. Tableau Vivant is participating in this event at GABRIEL sim. Also Rhapsody also just started today June 28th! Here you go some of teasers from XIAJ at Rhapsody.

Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Learner Hair by M4ri1yn Magic (Creation.jp)

Tank: / XIAJ / Yuto Tanks by superjaix (Rhapsody)
Shorts: / XIAJ / Lawrence Shorts by superjaix (Rhapsody)

Oh! For my fellow Moslems, happy Ramadhan guys! Hope we can go through this month with joy, I will just cook nuggets for Sahur tho lmao. How bout you? 😀

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