#137 Listen to the light




Phew, such tough RL. Sorry I didn’t post much lately.  (note: I drew the hair so I can’t help you to find the exact hair, I just felt like bored with being blonde and went in the pink hair mood)

Shirt: [Sheep Door] Open Parka (Mesh) Gray by meito Karu (The Seasons Story) 
Shorts: D R O P . Bermuda Shorts (Beige) by sayaca Unplugged (The Seasons Story) 

Snapback: [BUC] “Acid Rain” Fifty-5C Snapback by badunicorn (The Gacha Mania)
Scarf: ::K:: Long Scarf Homme/Femme Plum(Fitted Mesh) by Kitt Ragu (The Seasons Story) 

Lamp: :CP: Whitby Hanging Light (longer) by Isla Gealach (The Seasons Story) 
Stool: junk. salvaged tractor seat. by Tab Tatham (The Seasons Story) 

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