#138 Moonbathing



Hair: Exile::High and Dry All by Kavar Cleanslate (Hair Fair 2014)

Shirt: [Sheep Door] Open Parka (Mesh) Pink by meito Karu (The Seasons Story)
Shorts: [Sheep Door] Surf Pants (Mesh) Mosaic by meito Karu (The Seasons Story)

Bag: / XIAJ / Dreamer Backpack + bumblebee (RARE) by superjaix (The Dreamers Factory)
Hat: [BUC] “Tropical” Camper 5 Panel by badunicorn

Projector: [ keke ] dreamers projector – moon by Kean Kelly (The Dreamers Factory)
Flowers: [ keke ] summer tray w flowers – orange by Kean Kelly (The Seasons Story)

/ XIAJ / Sunday Morning Gacha by superjaix (The Seasons Story):
/ XIAJ / Art Studio Easel (canvas on side)
/ XIAJ / Cara Wooden Chair
/ XIAJ / Artificial Paint Tubes
/ XIAJ / Dox Paint Brushes
/ XIAJ / Sir Paints-a-lot Palette
/ XIAJ / Yuru Artist Desk


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