#162 Hunter



Hair: *Soonsiki~ Ganj *Browns* by kattington (The Mens Dept)
Tattoo: .Reckless. – Sierra (Faded) 2 by Landon Mode (The Mens Dept)
Tattoo 2: DRD bloofest- body only-jacketlayer by Jaimy Hancroft (TAG! Gacha)
Shorts: [VALE KOER] VK-FUTURE SHORTS by Bob (The Mens Dept)

Shoes: LQMesh – Sneaker FLYERS (Unisex) – REDGRAVE by Emilia Redgrave
Mask: DRD – biter mask boody by Deathrowdesigns (TAG! Gacha)
Gloves: DRD- nightmare gloves by Deathrowdesigns (TAG! Gacha)
Chainsaw: [BUC] “Chainsaw” Melee Madness RARE by badunicorn (The Gacha Mania)

Surrounding (TAG! Gacha)
Second Spaces – Monster’s Study – barred door by Elle Kirshner
Botanical – Hanging Body RARE by Kriss Lehmann
[noctis] Vanitas artist’s paints and pallette on crate by Yelena Istmal

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