#171 Soundman

171 a 171 b

Hat: Wonton: Soho Wide Brim Hat / Pine by ExplicitFame (The Chapter Four)

Shirt: Wonton: Olivier Cotton Henley / Pine by ExplicitFame (No21 November 21st)
Jeans: Wonton: Malbain Denim Jeans / Light by ExplicitFame

Shoes: Wonton: Comme Des Verse / Cream by ExplicitFame (kustom9 November 15th)
Necklace: etham – Metal Cross # 1 [long] by StephenWeiss

Surrounding at Xiasumi School Festival (concert/theater)
xin. mk2 + black by superjaix
xin. super-sl9000 + grey RARE by superjaix
xin. new classic by superjaix
xin. record chair by superjaix
xin. portable amp + black by superjaix
xin. way2indie4u shelf by superjaix
xin. vintage microphone by superjaix
xin. headphones by superjaix
xin. studio table by superjaix
oyasumi / dual speakers by Kenzo Gateaux
oyasumi / pre amp by Kenzo Gateaux
oyasumi / sumikorg / geo 2 / RARE by Kenzo Gateaux
oyasumi / chiptune mixer / geo 1 / RARE by Kenzo Gateaux
oyasumi / mixer / red by Kenzo Gateaux
-David Heather-Guitare Case/Decor/Mud by Gianni Broda

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