#173 Survivor

survivor 2 Survivor

Hair: adoness : ragnarok : coffee by Cruella Pennell (Genre)
Facepaint: .la petite morte. the wastelands tattoo black by Voshie Paine (Genre)

Jacket: [VALE KOER] VK-PARKA COAT by Bob (kustom9)
Legging: ~Tableau Vivant~ Costume design~ Claw Pants by M4ri1yn Magic

Goggles: T.arnished – Capped Goggles by December Larkham (Genre)
Mask: :{MV}: Fatal Desire Mask Wasteland Brown by Lokii Violet (Genre)
Bag: xin. axe bag l by superjaix (Xiasumi School Festival)
Bag: C L A Vv. The War Dufflebag Black by ThePierrot (Genre)
Gloves: DRD- nightmare gloves by Deathrowdesigns (past Tag! Gacha)
Bracer: *OAL*/*SP* Renzo Bracers by Discovering Destiny (Genre)

Fake Foot: Post apocalyptic Prostethic by Deathrowdesigns (Genre)
Boots: worn combats male small black R by Deathrowdesigns (Genre)

Staff: DRD Post apocalytpic staff by Deathrowdesigns (Genre)
Sword: xin. long sword by superjaix (Xiasumi School Festival)


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