#176 Welcome Home

Welcome Homexins watch



Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Xy – Browns9 by M4ri1yn Magic (The Arcade)

Coat: [R3] – Dylan Coat [V2] by R3volt (The Mens Dept Dec 5th)
Pants: SPIRIT – Vector pants unisex [BROWN] by Spirit Osmus (The Mens Dept Dec 5th)

Mouth: /// offbeat /// 2014 onsen story 1 – secret 1* by BonnieTriendle (The Arcade)
Shoes: Wonton: Ren Chelsea Boots / Tan -Rigged- by ExplicitFame (The Chapter Four Dec 4th)
Shoulder Piece: ieQED holly.pauldron by SigiFaust (We ❤ Roleplay Dec 4th)
Bag: {Sleepy Eddy} LeatherBostonBag (tan) by Metro Moonwall (The Arcade)
Luggage: -David Heather-Luggage Decor/Sienna by Gianni Broda (The Mens Dept Dec 5th)
Watch: xin. xiangxi timepiece + gold by superjaix (FaMESHed)


Painting: Intrigue Co. – Chicken and Piggy Painting by Katharine McGinnis
Chandelier: ~*S.E.*~ Fae Orbs (Chandelier) by Draconias Timeless (We ❤ Roleplay Dec 4th)
Wall Lamp: ~*S.E.*~ Fae Orbs (Wall) by Draconias Timeless (We ❤ Roleplay Dec 4th)
Wall Shield: EF: Bloodmoon Shield_Design1 by EmpyreanForge (We ❤ Roleplay Dec 4th)

More from The Arcade
[VALE KOER] Wrist Dolls Collectible Box by Bob
[VALE KOER] Raccoon Wrist Doodle RARE by Bob
[The Forge] Football Helm White/Hole by Deccan Arida
[ContraptioN] Post-War Radio: Good bye, Marie by Faust Steamer
[ContraptioN] Prototype Radio: Cadence Nouvelle by Faust Steamer
junk. chunky couch. RARE by Tab Tatham
junk. twigmas tree. by Tab Tatham
-tres blah- Soiree – Pom Poms by Julliette Westerburg
floorplan. bingo card holder by Tegan Serin
Pixel Mode – Writer’s Room – Desk – RARE by Tya Fallingbridge
Pixel Mode – Writer’s Room – Book Stack by Tya Fallingbridge
[LJ] Holiday Party – Cupcake Trees RARE by Tala Laval
Second Spaces – Wrap It Up – ready to give by Elle Kirshner
15_8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage – Carpet by 8f8
10_8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage – Christmas Tree by 8f8

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