#184 Young Blood

Young Blood 2 Young Blood


On Citta

Hair: TuTy’s Mathilda Bob hair- with flexy locks by Tutys

Outfit: [MotiAme] Cardigan Coat / Denim Shorts by Malone Brandi (Kustom9)

Sneakers: .Shi : Splat Sneakers by Joy Laperierre
Hat: +9 rounded fedora hat by Canue Glazner
Camera: -ATTIC- Elfman Vintage Camera Black RARE by Citta Wiskee
Ring: * yoyo9 * PAC-MAN rimg (female) by IceMoon Lee


On Pierre

Hair: [taketomi]_Toyo_Bento [Sampler Pack] by Bella Earst

Jacket: RONSEM* Military JK / camo by Eow Reverie (Creation.jp)
Pants: ::LikeA::DENIM Vintage BK603KI(MALE) by Wind Meads (Creation.jp)

Necklace: / XIAJ / Leather Neck Wallet (digi-camo) by superjaix
Necklace: Wonton: Menla Beaded Bar Necklace by ExplicitFame (no21)
Watch: * SORGO – SO Watch / CARBON by Arscene Dubrovna (Creation.jp)
Hat: / XIAJ / Zane Winter Hat (camo) RARE by superjaix
Beer: (epia) – Bottle of ‘Verona’ Beer (wear) by Verone Potez


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