#215 Interrogated

215  Hair: *Dura-Boys&Girls*55(Wood Bark) by Chiaki Xue

Jacket: Bleich – Mesh Unisex Hoodie with Shirt – Black by Samanta Bleich (Xiasumi School Festival)

Pants and boots: ISON MAN – jumper set by Harry Hyx (detail soon)

Chair: (epia) – Interrogation Chair by Dutch Lyric/Verone Potez (The Chapter Four)

The Interrogation Chair is made as a two-player question game for you and your (close) friends. To start playing, sit down together and have the chair sitter left-click the chair frame. Once you want to switch turns, you left-click the ground shadow to swap poses in the animation menu. – The chair comes with the following features:

♦ Over 100 fun and intimidating truth questions.
♦ 2 custom made poses. One for the questioner and one for the questioned.
♦ Rope is included.
♦ High quality mesh- and texturework.
♦ Questions can easily be added or changed by editing the full perm notecard in the chair contents.
♦ Chair and rope are both copyable and modifiable.
♦ Landimpact of only 3.

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