#236 Helium Trade!

236b 236aHair: [INK] Hair___WAVE ::Beige by nontroppo Torii (The Mens Dept)

Jacket: ISON MAN – bomber sweater (black) by Harry Hyx (The Mens Dept)

Shoes: [VALE KOER] B-3 RUNNERS by Bob (The Mens Dept)
Bandana: RO – Corsair – Abyssal by Axsisthorn (The Mens Dept)
Phone: .Shi Gift : Gears studded handphone case by Joy Laperriere (LIMITED GIFT)
Keychain: .Shi Gift : Namecard holder w chain by Joy Laperriere (LIMITED GIFT)
Gloves: RO – Mercenary Guild – Gloves – Jailer RARE by Axsisthorn (The Arcade)
Gloves: FATEwear Gloves – Dexter – Void by Damien Fate

Motorcycle: [sau]Kuazi[lite][TMD][Olive] by NiR McBride (The Mens Dept)
Helium Balloons: [Breno] Helium by AlphaWolf19 (Shiny Shabby)

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