C L A Vv. for The Lexi Project

C L A Vv.

big wide wingsWill be available on July 26th, 100% sales go to Lexi.

Landmark (soon open July 26th)

Designers, join us!

One of SL’s creators Lexi Zelin (AngelRED Couture) was recently diagnosed with stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. You can read her full story here on her gofundme page: http://www.gofundme.com/zfb2wwOver the years, one of the most amazing things I have observed in SL, is the joint effort of designers, shoppers and performers coming together to support one another in their time of need or financial hardship. Lexi is facing this now. We have decided to put together an event, open to all creators in SL, who would like to donate one or two items to help raise funds to assist Lexi in her battle to fight cancer.

There is a pretty short timeline for this event to get from start to finish – we would like to have it up…

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2 thoughts on “C L A Vv. for The Lexi Project

    • Hey there, thank you for purchasing, hopefully our small contributions mean something for Lexi. Thank you for your great post too. Enjoy the wings and hope for the best for Lexi 🙂

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