#275 Faster

275b 275

Hair: *Dura-Boy*66 HAIR by chiaki Xue (The Mens Dept)

Jacket: [monso] My Patched Leather Jacket by Morphine Janick (The Mens Dept)
Pants: BUENO-Sullen Pants-S-Brick by buenosl (The Mens Dept)

Bag: [Bad Unicorn] “Grey” Penny Board Backpack by badunicorn (The Chapter Four)
Collar: RO – Junkyard Dogs – Collar – RARE by AxsisThorn (The Arcade)
Nose Cuff: {anc} Parasite Nose-cuff. [gan metal] by aki69 (The Mens Dept)
Necklace: [Bad Unicorn] “Silver” Mercy Two Chains by badunicorn (The Mens Dept)
Gun | Holster: AITUI – The Mercenary – Desert Eagle Gun (HUD Controlled)(RARE) by Jesseaitui Petion (The Arcade)

Surrounding from The Arcade March 2016
Fancy Decor: Cork Monkey by Jake Vordun
Fancy Decor: Sir Cork RARE by Jake Vordun
RO – Junkyard Dogs – Scraper by AxsisThorn
RO – Junkyard Dogs – The Ace – RARE by AxsisThorn
RO – Junkyard Dogs – Wall02 by AxsisThorn
13. DRD SC Gas Station by Deathrowdesigns
16. DRD SC Abandoned Store by Deathrowdesigns
21. DRD SC Street Scene street lights by Deathrowdesigns
PFC~Vagabond – hat by Pucca Firecaster


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