Blogging 101

Yeah, in this page I will write some… tips? For new bloggers to start their blogs, in my way in blogging. Coughs, I don’t know why do I even care to make this page. But as a blogger and designer who always faces bad bloggers or more like beggars (so perhaps I know what designers think about you), I think I should help you to get more respect from people (bloggers, designers, or even appreciators), and really be a nice and polite and professional blogger. (I hope I’m nice enough).

1. To start, you know what, being a blogger will make you broke (at first). IF you don’t have any experience in blogging and you are about to make your very first post, USE YOUR OWN MONEY. Or even hunt for freebies. Do not ever ask some designers to help you or they would laugh at you and put you into their black list. (Unless you’re friends with them, idk).

If you wanna see my very first post(s), here are the ugly shits (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

Start to make first 10 posts then you would look legit as a blogger.

2. Photography, is NEEDED. Practice makes perfect, and yes it does. Keep practicing with your Photoshop skill because photography in SL is everything. But remember, for blogging, you do not need or you should not do HEAVY editing, because the purpose for blogging is to advertise the products. If the products are heavily edited too, what do you really sell? It will be a false advertisement. It’s different if the purpose of the picture is for art, you can do whatever you wish.

Sometimes, if you play the shadows too much, it’s bad for advertising the products too. Don’t call yourself as a blogger if you just care about how beautiful the picture is. But you should care about HOW BEAUTIFUL THE PICTURE IS and HOW BEAUTIFUL THE PRODUCTS ARE. Quit blogging if you don’t agree with this.

3. ASS KISSER. Hahaha. Designers can feel who always licks their butts. Secretly they would put you into their black list too. If you don’t feel you’re being kissing their ass, here are the example what you’d do.

  • Commenting all the pictures of some designers or even (famous) bloggers
  • Starting a conversation with small talks with people you aren’t even close with
  • Sending notecards or even begging designers /event owners to get into their group with a lot of LOL, hahaha, :p, come on! ROFL! LMAO!
  • …fill the blank, you know the rest….

You know what, actually what you have to do is making posts, being better, better and you would get noticed naturally by people. You would just look like a hopeless romantic teenager and get fake smiles from people.

4. Know the time when you can send your application. Don’t send your application to designers who don’t accept new bloggers at the moment, it would make a wtf moment for them. If the designers never open the application, so never send them yours. How to make them want you to be their blogger then? Make good posts. Really really good and quality posts featuring their items. Tag them or submit the pictures to their flickr group. If they really really REALLY like you, voila, you will get a (secret) blogger invitation from them. *Coughs*

5. You have pride. Listen to me. You are awesome. Designers are sometimes the bad bitches. If the designers can’t appreciate you, they don’t deserve you. If you do your best for your works and meet their requirements but they treat you like trash, leave them. Even their products are superduperawesomelikedinosaurs, you have pride. Pride is more expensive than their products that only 159 L$. If they don’t like the way you blog, why did even they put you into their group?

6. Write down the credits perfectly, link them to the right slurl. I ever fucked up really big about this with a designer. If you don’t know really the details or you can’t find the link where to get them, just write it down too under the bracket (sorry, I don’t have the LM)  (sorry, the item isn’t available anymore, btw the designer is xxx resident). Credit the designers’ names too would give you a plus.


7. I’m not sure if you should write a long paragraph about the details of the products you’re wearing. I think you shouldn’t have to do that, because there are some people who CAN write and who CAN’T. Not all of you are a journalist. But if you can do write, it would give you a plus. If the designer asks you to write, well, write what you can. For those who can’t write, you can just write in a sarcastic way for the designer (This product is awesome!) (This is good) (Bye!?) writing is one of talents. (And I don’t have this talent)


So, good luck freshmen! Behave behave and behave because it’s the gold now. Don’t kiss some asses because they are smelly.


Fuck Pierre why are you even talking you’re not the blogging god.


I am, bitches.

Jk, I look gay

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